Barcelo Solymar, Havana, Cuba, June 15 to 24, 2021
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Cuba holds a prominent position in this sector worldwide. The practice of sports is free for all and the country takes pride in its achievements. Baseball is the national sport although other sports are practiced as well.

Anywhere in the country, travelers can access both land and nautical sporting facilities for their enjoyment: scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, cycling, fishing, mountaineering, etc. For those who prefer diving, we highly recommend destinations such as Varadero, the keys, Pinar del Rio, Guardalavaca and the Isle of Youth, famous for their many diving stations and spectacular coral reefs.

In recent years, trekking has gained importance among tourists who prefer to spend their leisure time walking through the lush tropical vegetation. The main sites for this modality are located in the area surrounding ViƱales Valley (famous for its geological formations, caverns with underground rivers) and Soroa, equipped with all the comforts that visitors require. There are several wildlife refuges in the Zapata wetlands, famous for its multiple endemic species of great ecological importance and wild birds. The Sierra Maestra mountain range is a natural botanical garden, with abundant plant species (ranging from prehistoric arborescent ferns to fragile orchids), crystalline rivers, cascades and abundant wildlife. Most of the tours are accompanied by a professional guide, who will inform visitors of the names and mains characteristics of the different species.