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Ciego de Avila
Ciego de Ávila province, located to the center-east of Cuba, between Sancti Spíritus and Camagüey provinces, has 6910 km2 extension and its main activities are fishing and citric plantation (pineapple)
It municipality Moron is very famous due the lagoon and due some Cuban nice legends.
At the north, Cayo Coco, reaching the 370 square km, and Cayo Guillermo, with 13.3 square km. The area is also linked to the rest of the country through regular domestic flights to the main tourist destinations.
There is also an stone road linking Cayo Coco with the rest of the country's road network.
The local excellent conditions turn the area into a place available for sea related sports, trekking and fauna observation among others

Ciego de Avila attractions

Marti Park, Simón Reyes Provincial Museum, Laguna la Redonda, Moron City, Florencia City, Ciego City, Coco and Guillermo Keys, Pilar Beach
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