Barcelo Solymar, Havana, Cuba, June 15 to 24, 2021
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This central eastern city was founded in 1515. It is famous for its cross linked streets and alleys, its squares system and its religious buildings complex, Cuba’s greatest. World Heritage Site since 2008, it keeps places worthy of visiting at that stop.
Camagüey city, capital of the province of same name, is one of the Cuban cities that better preserve the Hispano-Arabic features regarding urbanism and architecture. Its several churches have significant examples of the art and religious-funeral customs of colonial times.
City famous also per its great culture , some samples are Company of ballet and Son festival.
Santa Lucía, located in the north has a beach of 21 km large with a very balancesd nature and biodiversity.
One of the best points for diving in Cuba 35 different points, also is famous per the diving with friendly sharks

Camagüey attractions

Plaza de San Juan de Dios, Plaza del Carmen, San Juan de Dios Museum, San Juan de Dios Church, Carmen Church, Ignacio Agramonte Park, Casino Campestre Park, Ignacio Agramonte Provincial Museum, Birthplace Carlos J. Finlay, Birthplace Nicolás Guillén, José Luis Tassende Theater, Patricio Ballagas Trova House, Alejo Carpentier Universal Art Gallery, Martha Jimenez Gallery, Latios Gallery.
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